1. Admission Requirements
  • Proficiency in English. 
  • A minimum of three years’ working experience after graduation by the first day of enrollment
  • Bachelor degree or higher

2. Tuition Fee and Expenses
Students from greater China ( Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) :
Full-time program: RMB 208,000
Part-time program: RMB 288,000

International students:
Full-time & Part-time: RMB 288, 000

Miscellaneous Expenses
Books, Course Materials & Recreation: ~100 RMB per course
3. Visa

According to Chinese law, foreign students are required to obtain a student visa (X visa) and residence permit during the 24 months study at SAIF. You need to contact the School of International Education for detailed information about Visa:
The office is open from 9:00am - 5:00pm Beijing Time, Monday to Friday.
MBA Department
Email: iso@sjtu.edu.cn
Tel: +86-21- 6293 2277

4. Assessment methods
Courses are assessed by a combination of methods, which may include:
(a) Group assignment
(b) Individual project
(c) Class participation
(d) Mid-term assessment
(e) Final examination

The weight of each assessment varies for different courses.
Grades are assigned based on the following:
A+ = 96~100
A = 90~95
A- =  85~89  
B+ = 80~84
B = 75~79
B- = 70~74
C+ = 67~69
C = 63~66
C- = 60~62
D   = 20~59
1 credit =18 teaching hours, 1 teaching hour = 45 minutes
Normally one course equals 2 or 3 credits.
Exams will be in the form of written tests or projects.
All MBA students are required to finish a dissertation after the completion of all subjects. For the full-time MBA program, the dissertation should be written in English.
Degree and Certificates
Degree candidates that have obtained 55 credits as required are conferred by Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s MBA degree certificate and a graduation diploma.
5. Students Activities

The SJTU MBA Alumni Association (MBAAA) organizes a variety of professional development and social activities during the academic year. Most of them are open to all students.
The MBA Forum is  frequently held on Saturdays. It exposes students to cutting-edge academic developments, advanced management concepts and real-world experience.