Application Check-list
1) Application Form (please download Application Form and Organization Chart of Your Employer )
2) Copies of education certificates
3) Official university transcripts
4) Resumes/CV
5) Two reference letters  (please download the Reference Letter Templates)
6) Proof of English proficiency *
7) Proof of application fee remittance**
8) Photocopy of the information page of your passport
9) GMAT (Code:6QS-S6-21) (min:550) or GRE(Code: 4481) (min:1100) score report
*Language test can be waived if  the applicant has received a secondary or tertiary education in an English speaking country or has demonstrated a high level of English proficiency during the interview.

** How to pay the application fee:
Step 1:  Register online: please Click here

Step 2:  Remit the application fee to the bank account below:
            (The payment is not made in the online registry system above.)

Bank Information:

Account No.: 454659250319
Swift Code: BKCHCN BJ300
Postcode: 200030
Tel: 86-21-64070906
Please send all the application materials to or mail to:

Vincent  ZHANG (Mr.)
MBA Office
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
Room 101
211 West Huaihai Road, Shanghai
P.R.China, 200030
Tel: 86-21-62933789

1. The application process only applies to those whose hold a non-Chinese passport.
For applicants of Chinese nationality, please click here

For applicants who are permanent residents of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, please click here

2. Application materials are accepted no later than May 30th, intake starting in August/September.
3. Please contact Vincent Zhang (Mr.) for any inquiries via 


The Global Impact Scholarship

In an effort to promote diversity on campus and encourage more overseas applicants and applicants from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to apply to the MBA/Master of Finance program, SAIF has set up the Global Impact Scholarship (GIS) which is a merit-based award exclusively for students in the form of tuition waiver.

The Laureate Award-Full coverage of tuition fee
1 MBA student
1 MF student

The Premium Award-Half coverage of tuition fee
2 MBA students
4 MF students

* Applicants must submit a complete set of application materials in order to be considered for the scholarship.
* Applicants whose nationality is non-Chinese (foreign passport holder) or who are permanent residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are by default potential recipients of GIS. No additional application is required.
* GIS applies to full-time students only.
* First come, first served.

Decisions will be made based on the following merits:
* Undergrad GPA
* GMAT/GRE score
* Other academic/professional credentials (such as the CFA)
* Interpersonal skills
* Future career prospects

The upper limit of the awards is eight students per year, but there can be vacancies if the selection criteria are not met. The bestowment will depend on the quantity and quality of the applicants. GIS only pertains to the tuition fee. Applicants are responsible for their own living/academic expenses such as lodging, meals, club fees, and books.

SAIF MBA Continuing Scholarship

The scholarship is granted in the second academic year for MBA students who have distinguished themselves in academic performance and/or contribution to the class and SAIF in the first academic year.
* Academic Performance Scholarship    RMB10,000
* Student Service Fellowship            RMB10,000

SAIF MBA High GMAT Score Scholarship

RMB 20,000
The scholarship is provided to MBA candidates, including part-time MBA candidates, who achieve high scores in GMAT. The high score will be decided each year due to varied candidate pools. The scholarship is not granted together with other types of scholarship.

Government / University Scholarships

A wide range of scholarships are also offered by the Chinese Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) to international students who pursue their studies at SJTU.
Please follow the link below for more details, click here: