1. Are there any restrictions for non-finance major candidates to apply, such as information and computing science, and civil engineering majors, etc.?
SAIF Master of Finance warmly welcome candidates from any area of study.

2. What is the tuition? Is there any scholarship offer?
Tuition for international applicants in 2015 is RMB188,000 (USD31,000 equivalent) for two year. SAIF Master of Finance program provide a series of scholarships to international applicants. Please check “scholarship” section for more details.

3. What is the deadline for scholarship application?
(1) National Scholarship/Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship: 1st March.
(2) SAIF Global Impact Scholarship: 30th April

4. What is the application deadline?
30th April

5. What are the application materials?
(1) A completed online application form (Online application)
(2) Resumes/CV
(3) Copy of graduation certificates and official university transcript
(4) Two reference letters
(5) Photocopy of the information page of your passport
(6) GMAT (Code:6QS‐S6‐21) / GRE(Code:4481) score report

6. How can I submit my application?
(1) Apply at here
(2) Submit all your materials to: mf.admissions@saif.sjtu.edu.cn for preview