Date Topic Speaker Affiliations
2016/12/09 Credit Allocation under Economic Stimulus: Evidence from China Lin Cong The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
2016/11/18 Persistent Blessings of Luck: Capital and Deal Flows in Delegated Investment Yizhou Xiao Chinese University of Hong Kong
2016/10/28 Lottery-Related Anomalies: The Role of Reference-Dependent Preferences Jian Wang Chinese University of Hong Kong
2016/10/14 Economic Policy Uncertainty, Learning and Incentives: Theory and Evidence on Mutual Funds Laura Thomas Starks University of Texas at Austin
2016/06/03 Mutual Fund Investment Horizon and Performance Russ Wermers University of Maryland
2016/05/27 Day of the Week and the Cross-Section of Returns Justin Birru Ohio State University
2016/05/13 Equity Lending Market Condition and Stock Price Crashes: Evidence from Lending Fees and Fee Risk Tse-Chun Lin Hong Kong University
2016/05/06 Capital Gains Lock-In and Governance Choices Scott Weisbenner University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign