SAIF Commencement 2014

On July 5, 2014, SAIF Commencement 2014 was successfully held at Wenzhi Hall, Shanghai Jiao Tong (SJTU). Prof. Chang Chun, Executive Dean of SAIF, hosted the ceremony and Pan Jie, Associate Dean of SAIF, served as the master. Other guests include Ma Dexiu, Former Secretary CPC Committee of SJTU; Zhu Jian, Deputy Secretary CPC Committee of SJTU; Yang Henke, Deputy Dean of SJTU Graduate School and Prof. Wang Jiang, Chair of Academic Council and Dean of SAIF. Master of Finance and Finance MBA graduates also invited their families and friends to witness the glorious moments.

First, Zhu Jian, Deputy Secretary CPC Committee of SJTU, congratulated the graduates, their families and friends. He said that SAIF was established by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to achieve the nation’s strategic goal of establishing an international financial center. SAIF has world-class faculties and excellent students. It has posed world-class academic and educational impact. SAIF graduates’ high-paying and highly-respected jobs mean that they have to take more responsibilities and set up values and outlooks of life which are beyond individual interests.
Prof. Wang Jiang, Chair of Academic Council and Dean of SAIF, also congratulated the graduates. He encouraged them to make good use of the opportunity of the booming economic and financial industry and undertake the mission bestowed by our nation and society to create new brilliance. He said that SAIF would always serve as students’ trusted friend and home. He wished that the graduates would come back and upgrade their knowledge. They would also have the chance to communicate with financial gurus and thus get more resources.

Prof. Wang also said, the coming one or two decades would be Chinese financial industry’s bursting point and new start reflected both on quantity and quality. There are four important driving demands for the development of financial industry: First, Chinese economy needs to transit to a development mode with efficiency and sound innovation. A modern financial system is also needed. Second, with the marketization of financial market, including that of interest rates, exchange rates and risk premiums, all kinds of risks will fully emerge in markets, bringing the demand for enterprises, institutions, governments and individuals to avoid those risks. Thus, products and techniques at the financial market should be improved as soon as possible. What’s more, the rapid development of China’s economy as well as the quick accumulation of people’s wealth had made an efficient and fair financial service industry a must to enhance people’s wellbeing and help managing the wealth. Last but not the least, the market melding between China’s financial market and global financial market is needed, and is a must for the development of China’s financial and economic. The market melding include Chinese capital’s “going out” and inward foreign investment which make a modern and open financial system at international advanced level a crying need.

In addition, Dai Shasha, MF graduate representative; Zhang Yu, Finance MBA graduate representative and Lo Xufeng, Finance EMBA representative shared their learning experiences and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to professors. They also sent sincere wishes to the graduates, wishing them good luck. Graduates from different programs presented souvenirs to SAIF respectively.

There were 375 students attending the ceremony, including 41 MF graduates, 225 Finance MBA graduates and 109 Finance EMBA graduates. Shen Jibing, Director of Career Development Center of SAIF, said that although employment at home and abroad are under continuous grim situation in recent years, most full-time MBA students who had worked in non-financial industries have succeeded in finding core potions in finance industry. The employment rates and the ratio of students successfully shifting to finance industry remain above 90%. SAIF MF graduates, working on core positions at finance institutes and entity enterprises at home and abroad, have become a new force in the path of China’s finance development and innovation.