SAIF MBA Places 1st in Tengger Desert Challenge among Shanghai Business Schools

From 1st to 3rd May 2014, the 3rd Asian Business Schools Desert Challenge was held in Tengger Desert, Alashan, Inner Mongolia. A total of 37 Asian business schools joined the challenge. The SAIF MBA team, Golden Boat of Desert, composed of 16 hardy students from 2012 and 2013 class won the first prize among participating Shanghai Schools and 8th among all Asian schools.
The three-day competition had witness enormous difficulties and challenges throughout the entire odyssey. Walking 70 kilometres with a heavy load, sandstorms, physical trauma including blisters on the feet, arduous conditions, immense fatigue…is an inarguably tough test both physically and mentally for 16 SAIFers.
“We escaped noisy urban life and came to Tengger Desert with a strong belief. Strong wind and sandstorms couldn’t stop us. It was an unforgettable journey to purify my soul and guide me to explore another myself. Without the three-day competition, we couldn’t have an opportunity to enjoy a quiet starry sky, push our limit and experience great friendship. We cried; We laughed; We buried wishing bottle; We launched Kongming lantern. While crossing the finish line, I saw my teammates cheering for me. And finally, we hugged each other.” said Xiao Jie, MBA Class 2013 (FT).
It was the second time for SAIF MBA to join the challenge. Experience and lessons were shared and learnt among players after the competition, which, the players hope, can also be spread to more SAIFers for even better performance in the future. Apart from scores, friendship and a valuable network is definitely a huge bonus from the competition. Such a challenge in the desert is believed to be an extraordinary experience for both Golden Boat of Desert and SAIF.