SAIF EMBA Wins 4 Awards in the 9th International Business Schools Gobi Challenge

From 22nd to 25th May 2014, the 9th International Business Schools Gobi Challenge was held in Gansu Province. SAIF EMBA team, composed of 3 squads, ranked the 8th group amongst the 24 top business schools participating, with a total time of 10 hours 10 minutes and 13 seconds, which is the best score SAIFers have ever achieved in this challenge. SAIF team also received the Shackleton Award with all the squads finishing the competition, the Best Video Award for its preparation video “Back to Beginning”, and the Best Organization Award for the outstanding organizing performance.

During the four-day challenge, the SAIFers have been through strong wind and sandstorms, which left quite a few of them with bruise and scars. Faced with formidable challenges, SAIFers united as one, from saline land, through desert, hill and riverbed, all the way to the finishing line, achieving beyond themselves.
Prof. Zhu Ning, Deputy Dean of SAIF, also participated in the challenge as a member of Squad C. when talking about team work, Prof. Zhu said he’s impressed by the unity of SAIFers. “Only when you are in the Squad C can you understand how hard it is for members in the Squad A; In turn, the achievement of Squad A cannot be reached without the support of all SAIFers. Dream, action, perseverance and surmounting: the spirits of this challenge have surpassed the competition and influenced every business school involved, which was why we participated in this challenge.”
Prof. Wu Fei, Director of Finance MBA Program of SAIF, was the lead teacher of SAIF team. He believed that he has gained more than what he expected: “Except that I have achieved beyond myself, I also experienced the warm support from our team. All the participants were like a big family, supporting and caring about each other.”
“As a newly established business school, it was not easy for SAIF to obtain the four awards. We are one of the three teams out of the 24 teams participating in this Challenge to get all the 4 awards. Our members has showed an outstanding performance. I believe in the future, with the extraordinary ability of our team, we’re going to improve even more,” said Li Shuhua, the team leader of Squad A.
It has been 9 years since the 1st Gobi Challenge of International Business Schools was held in 2006. This was the 3rd time for SAIF EMBA to join the challenge. Experience and lessons were shared and learnt among players after the competition, which, the players hope, can also be spread to more SAIFers for even better performance in the future. Apart from scores, what was even more valuable was the way SAIFers carried out the spirit of this challenge: dream, action, perseverance and surmounting. Such a challenge in the desert is believed to be an extraordinary experience for SAIFers.