2014 International Exchange Program Kicks Off

SAIF has been developing its partnership with world’s top business schools in recent years. The number of inbound and outbound students has seen a remarkable growth year by year. In 2014, SAIF partner schools have amounted to 17.
On 24th February, 2014, International Exchange Program 2014 Info Session was held aiming to help SAIF students have a clear picture regarding the forthcoming Exchange Program application. Some SAIF students who joined the exchange programs in 2013 and the exchange students who come from SAIF overseas exchange partners, were invited to share their experience.
First, Ms. Gloria Wang, International Affairs Officer, introduced the process and criteria of 2014 exchange program application. Mr. Marc Porto, China Office Manager of IESEG, a partner school of SAIF, then gave an overview of IESEG strengthes, curriculum information, social life as well as the travel information in Paris. Last but not least, Mr. Shi Shuncheng, who joined GREM(Global Real Estate Master) program in 2013, shared his studying experience in U.S. “Most of GREM faculties have engaged in real estate industry for many years, which gives me an opportunity to learn not only theoretical knowledge but also a lot of practical experience of housing project management,” he said. “I’m also impressed by the culture and travel experience in U.S.”   
At the end of the info session, the students who joined the exchange program in 2013 and the new international students had heated discussions on a wide range of topics including course, visa application, accommodations as well as travel information.
With the development of SAIF, it is expected that SAIF students will have more opportunities to access world-class business education at top business schools across the world.
For more information, please visit http://www.saif.sjtu.edu.cn/en/International/outexchange