IESEG Researchers Visit SAIF

On March 17, 2014, IESEG researchers, Dr. Herve Leleu, Director of Research and Dr. Jean-philippe Boussemart visited SAIF and discussed about possible cooperation for IESEG Research Workshop.
IESEG School of Management, established in 1964, is considered one of the leading business schools in France. In October, 2012, IESEG and SAIF signed an agreement on an exchange program for MBA and MF students.
Dr. Leleu introduced the positioning of IESEG and its operation mode. In an effort to enhance its research strengths, ISESG proposes to launch a research workshop with 10-15 strategic partners worldwide. This workshop is anticipated to have 80-100 researchers, composed of 50% IESEG researchers and the other half from IESEG’s partner schools. The workshop will cover all fields of economics and management, including finance, risk, production theory, information system, HRM etc, in the hope to create opportunities and an open platform for researchers to exchange ideas and share research statistics on an annual basis.
At the end of the meeting, IESEG exchange students who are currently studying at SAIF were invited to meet the professors to talk about their studies and life in Shanghai.