MGEM Delegation from Fu Jen Catholic University Visits SAIF

College of Management of Fu Jen Catholic University, founded in 1960’s, is one of the best business schools in Asia. In 2005, the College received accreditation from AACSB International that there are only 5% of business schools in the world that have obtained AACSB accreditation.

From 26 to 27 April, 2014, the MGEM delegation from College of Management, Fu Jen Catholic University, paid a two-day visit to SAIF.

On the first day, a mini-project involving both the students from MGEM delegation and SAIF students was held. The event attracted a wide attention, and the SAIF students to the event not only included MBA students, but also Master of Finance students. All students were divided into 3 groups by different discussion topics: health care, internet surveillance as well as EU carbon tax.

After around 30 minutes of preparation, each group sent out presenters to give a presentation and answer questions from other groups. The first group considered that whether patients should be selected by hospitals for better health care service depends on the country’s health care system and the criteria needs to be well defined. The second group thought that former CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden who revealed the massive US global surveillance program is a “hero”, because he pushed for transparency on phone and Internet surveillance and protected human rights. The third group indicated the implement of EU airline carbon tax will harm the interests of consumers and airline companies in short term and suggested that EU government should promote R & D of a green motor.

After the project, the students of MGEM and SAIF soon mingled over the lunch. They were excited and curious to talk with their counterparts from a different country. Questions were frequently asked about studies at both schools, financial industry and job markets in each other’s country.

On the second day, Prof. Charles Chang, Faculty Director of Master of Finance at SAIF, gave a speech themed on Chinese Economy to MGEM students. Firstly, Prof. Charles reviewed 20 years’ development of Chinese economy, including Macroeconomic Growth and FDI, Chinese Product Market and Chinese Financial Market; and thoughts on future development of Economy. He then pointed out some of Shanghai’s pioneering work on Economy, including Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

"This is a unique opportunity for us to get a closer look at present development on Chinese Economy, as well as to communicate with SAIF students from another cultural background on present issues. I have to say, the development of financial industry in China and its growing demand for finance professionals is impressive” said one of the MGEM students.